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  • #620054485 Close up view of doctor touching patient hand, showing empty and kindness.
  • #611416401 Hands holding blue happy smile face. mental health positive thinking and growth mindset, mental health care recovery to happiness emotion.
  • #621382054 Scientist hands close-up nanomaterial nanotec nanotechnology conducting research fiber microfiber microbiology medicine healthcare pharma production lab laboratory science chemistry genetic genes
  • #621359339 child mother family parent home woman teenage daughter hair comb backpack education preparation morning school bag back to school schoolgirl student happy
  • #619789076 Orthopedic surgeon doctor examining patient's knee joint x-ray films, MRI bone, CT scan in at radiology orthopedic unit, hospital background. knee joint film x ray, Generative Ai
  • #626305473 Senior group doing squat exercise with physiotherapist in gym. Elderly men and women having physiotherapy class, rehab course with trainer guide. Elderly people healthy lifestyle
  • #613280004 Successful hispanic man resting in office relaxing, businessman meditating in lotus position at workplace, with laptop doing yoga during break.
  • #623201024 Human mind with flowers and butterflies growing from a tree, positive thinking, creative mind, self care and mental health concept, generative AI used for woman
  • #615171203 Athletic woman eating a healthy bowl of muesli with fruit sitting on floor in the kitchen at home
  • #619765970 Boy is sitting on man's shoulders. Father with his little son playing with toy plane on the field
  • #283922862 Fit man exercising with dumbbells in fitness center
  • #617018946 The laboratory is used for scientific research to test and research therapeutic vaccines, lab assistants collect blood samples from patients and perform chemical reactions. Laboratory concept.
  • #618229192 Surgeon shaking hands of elderly patient To encourage the treatment of surgery. concept of medical services in a hospital. nurse taking care of the patient
  • #620910592 nurse doctor using digital tonometer check blood pressure for old asia female at home in elderly care cardiovascular medical visit, cholesterol problem. Home health care and nursing home concept
  • #625980046 Smiling young woman with blonde long groomed hair isolated on pastel flat background with copy space. Blonde hair care products banner template, hair salon.
  • #621898710 Man talking with mentor psychologist in therapy mental health anxiety session.
  • #611297261 Mother, play or kid baking in kitchen as a happy family with an excited girl laughing or learning cookies recipe. Playful, flour or funny mom helping or teaching kid to bake for development at home
  • #624469261 Wide shot of mature male psychotherapist leading therapy meeting with addicted diverse and different ages people sitting in circle during therapy meeting. Concept of consulting mental health problem.
  • #623158071 At the doctor's appointment. A candid emotional photo of a child sitting in a dental chair, holding a toy rabbit and cheerfully giving a high-five to the nurse.
  • #603233704 Scientist, tablet and teamwork in science experiment, results or collaboration on computer at the laboratory. Woman and man mentor in medical research working together on pc with scientific student
  • #620965590 Fitness girl lifting dumbbell weights at the gym, doing exercises with dumbbell, fitness muscular body
  • #613760840 Health insurance concept. people magnifier holding plus and healthcare medical icon, health and access to welfare health concept.
  • #617546634 Doctor hand taking a blood sample tube from a rack with machines of analysis in the lab background, Technician holding blood tube test in the research laboratory.
  • #628482324 Happy black man, therapist and consultation in meeting for healthcare, mental health or therapy at the hospital. African male person talking to consultant in physiology, counseling or medical help
  • #626710509 african couple. smile of man. african healthy. walk at urban city in the morning. exercise. generative ai.
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