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Kliknij na wybrany obraz , wprowadź potrzebne wymiary i sprawdż cenę oraz rabaty w ofercie.

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Proszę wprowadzić potrzebne rozmiary ( szerokość oraz wysokość ) w centymetrach.

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Z listy podkładów możemy wybrać materiał na jakim ma być wydruk.

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  • #620054485 Close up view of doctor touching patient hand, showing empty and kindness.
  • #613760840 Health insurance concept. people magnifier holding plus and healthcare medical icon, health and access to welfare health concept.
  • #621281076 Blue ripped sea water as swimming pool. Crystal clear ocean lagoon bay turquoise blue azure water surface, closeup natural environment. Tropical Mediterranean beach water background
  • #621382054 Scientist hands close-up nanomaterial nanotec nanotechnology conducting research fiber microfiber microbiology medicine healthcare pharma production lab laboratory science chemistry genetic genes
  • #618229192 Surgeon shaking hands of elderly patient To encourage the treatment of surgery. concept of medical services in a hospital. nurse taking care of the patient
  • #620910592 nurse doctor using digital tonometer check blood pressure for old asia female at home in elderly care cardiovascular medical visit, cholesterol problem. Home health care and nursing home concept
  • #621359339 child mother family parent home woman teenage daughter hair comb backpack education preparation morning school bag back to school schoolgirl student happy
  • #627502564 Portrait of one young woman at the beach with openened arms enjoying free time and freedom outdoors. Having fun relaxing and living happy moments..
  • #592529370 Hands holding heart shape paper family cutout, foster care, homeless support, world mental health day, Autism support,  Generative AI
  • #619789076 Orthopedic surgeon doctor examining patient's knee joint x-ray films, MRI bone, CT scan in at radiology orthopedic unit, hospital background. knee joint film x ray, Generative Ai
  • #624224596 Bottles on the background of the spa room. Skin care serum or natural cosmetics with essential oil. face and body beauty concept. Spa concept. Place for text.
  • #620506653 Meditation, plant and black woman relax in home for wellness, zen mindset and calm energy. Nature, happy and face of female person meditate on floor with eco friendly ferns, leaves and house plants
  • #620171483 Two healthy breakfast bowl with ingredients granola fruits Greek yogurt and berries top view. Weight loss, healthy lifestyle and eating concept
  • #637937350 Neurology, doctor and planning surgery with tablet in office with x ray, results and patient data on tech for expert consultation. Cancer, research and black woman to study the brain or neuroscience
  • #604334603 Young woman doing exercise walking and run on country road in the morning with sunrise background, concept of health and lifestyle.
  • #648401041 Medical technology, online health, global health network and tourism concept. Doctor using digital tablet and laptop computer with medical technology internet network connection, digital technology
  • #620429966 Visualize the impact of self-reflection and mindfulness on mental health. a person sitting in meditation, with an abstract tree extending from their head. Each leaf represent a mindful thought
  • #626708396 Fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated shelf of a supermarket
  • #622288534 Mom, girl child and book for reading, spelling and learning for literature, language or studying in family home. Storytelling, mother and daughter with teaching, education and focus for development
  • #626305473 Senior group doing squat exercise with physiotherapist in gym. Elderly men and women having physiotherapy class, rehab course with trainer guide. Elderly people healthy lifestyle
  • #625980046 Smiling young woman with blonde long groomed hair isolated on pastel flat background with copy space. Blonde hair care products banner template, hair salon.
  • #611416401 Hands holding blue happy smile face. mental health positive thinking and growth mindset, mental health care recovery to happiness emotion.
  • #623158071 At the doctor's appointment. A candid emotional photo of a child sitting in a dental chair, holding a toy rabbit and cheerfully giving a high-five to the nurse.
  • #626258234 Composition with food products rich in iron
  • #621898710 Man talking with mentor psychologist in therapy mental health anxiety session.
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